Samaneh Reyhani was born 1990 in Tehran, Iran. After receiving her Bachelor of Sculpture from the University of Arts in Tehran in 2014, she moved to Sweden where she received her Master of Fine Arts from Malmö Art Academy in 2017. She has exhibited in museums and galleries in Iran and Sweden. Reyhani works primarily with sculptural installation, applying a varied array of materials, from stone to glass and strings to wood. Her sculptures appear corporal, and on first sight, often seem shamelessly seductive. Yet, at closer inspection, burdens are revealed and the figures stand wounded and scarred. In their occupying presence, her works provoke bodily responses, while their silence seem to tell of darkened stories in poetic reveries. Influenced by Persian and Islamic culture, Reyhani often call upon these sources, both as an inspiration and in a stance of opposition. Interpreting this culture’s philosophy and myths, poetry and aesthetics, her works find their manifestation. Whereas by confronting the inequality and injustice towards women, the disparity of religion and tradition, Reyhani’s works rise and stand their position.
b. 1990, Tehran, Iran
lives and works in Malmö, Sweden

2015-2017 MFA at Malmö Art Academy, Malmö
2009-2014 BFA in Sculpture at University of Art, Tehran, Iran

Selected exhibitions
2018 Not Forgotten but Dreams of Memories, Konstfrämjandet Skåne, Galleri St:Gertrud, Malmö, Sweden
Sculpture Garden 2018, Galleri Arnstedt, Östra Karup, Sweden
2017 'Anna-Lisa Thomson Till Minne Scholarship exhibition', Uppsala Art Museum, Uppsala, Sweden
'Saghi Nama', Gallery Skomakeriet, Stockholm, Sweden
Edstrandska Scholarship exhibition, KHM Gallery, Malmö, Sweden
The Encounter of Bodies, Curated by Woodpeckers projects, Ystad Konsthall, Sweden
  Erratic Transitions, curated by Maria Norrman, Molekyl Gallery, Malmö, Sweden
Executing Desire, MFA Graduation exhibition, KHM Gallery, Malmö, Sweden
2016 Royal Art Academy scholarships to young artists and art student’s exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden
2015 Some roses and their phantoms, Sölvesborg Konsthall, Sweden
New student exhibition, KHM Gallery, Malmö, Sweden
2014 Bachelor exhibition, Bagh Melli, Tehran, Iran
2013 Gallery Gamla Staden, Landskrona, Sweden
Norouz Garden, Tehran, Iran
2012 Qasr Garden Museum, Tehran, Iran
2011 Milad Tower, Tehran, Iran

2018 Aase o Richard Björklunds Foundation, Malmö Konstmuseum
2017 Gunnar och Lilly Perssons Foundation
Anna-Lisa Thomson Till Minne Foundation
Edstrandska Foundation
Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts scholarships to young artists and art students
2016 Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts scholarships to young artists and art students
Petersenska Hemmet Foundation

2017 Malmö Art Academy Yearbook

Public commissions
2018 Saghi, sculpture for the new square in Kil, Sweden.

Workshop Holder
2016 First International Sculpture workshop, Kashan, Iran

International Symposiums
2012 4th International Sculpture Symposium, Tehran, Iran
5th International Sculpture Symposium, Tehran, Iran

National Symposiums (Iran)
2013 First national Sculpture Symposium, Gheshm, Iran

Public collections
Helsingborg Museum Collection
Region Skånes Art Collection
Uppsala Art Museum