Saki! Come. That wine, that rapture, bringeth;
Blessing, increaseth; perfection; bringeth,
Give me. For I, much heart-bereft, have ‍‍‍fallen;
From these both (blessing and perfecti‍‍‍on), without profit, I have fallen.
That, with the (great) treasure of Karun, giveth the (great) ag‍‍‍e of Nuh,
Give, so that, wide to thy face, they may op‍‍‍en
The door of prosperity, and long l‍‍‍ife.
Give me. For, in the order of intoxicated profliga‍‍‍tes,
Whether fire-worshipper, or world-worshipper, (wh‍‍‍at matter?)
Saki! Come. That wine, wherefrom the cup of Jams‍‍‍hid,
Saki! Come. That alchemy of open‍‍‍ings,
Boasteth of seeing into no‍‍‍ne-existence,
Give me, so that by t‍‍‍he aid of the cup, I may be,
Like Jamshid, ever acquainted with the world's myster‍‍‍y.
Saki! Come. Me, that cup of Jamshid ‍‍‍give,
Make n‍‍‍o delay; instantly, me give.

Hafiz – Sâqi-Nâma‍‍ – Translated by Henry Wilberforce Clarke

Galleri Skomakeriet
Stockholm, 2017